School Innovation
Development in schools with ICT

Society is changing rapidly. People meet with new and increasingly complicated demands, and not the least teachers and students must be prepared for a change of basic values and traditions. The structure of society, working life and people's spare time are becoming network orientated.

Formerly, structures could be described as hierarchical or linear; but now no order is offered. In the network society the individual must define his own identity, and in relation to this he must be able to act and relate to the community. This puts the school as an organization under pressure from politicians, users (students and parents) and opinion-makers. The school must develop into a modern competence environment.

The objective of the school is to provide an opportunity for the students to develop the qualifications needed to become independent and active citizens in the network society. It requires new thinking on the structure of the school, the organization of education and content, and the roles of the teachers and students. The content and concept of the subjects are developed in the light of information technology. To mediate a societal culture where high-speed information exchange, knowledge sharing, network and collaboration are characteristic elements, the overall strategy of the school must be to build on these elements. If management, teachers and students work from such a strategy, they will be able to develop the qualifications required in today's network society.