Get it out on the net
Websites and communication on the Internet

The Internet is a huge interconnected structure consisting of a large number of individual documents known as web pages. The web pages are scattered on computers throughout the world. They are connected by means of links, and clicking a link with the mouse will call up a new web page on the screen.

Most companies, but also an increasing number of private persons, are present on the Internet with their own websites. Many schools also have websites with information about the school and perhaps something about the work done in the various classes. Some classes present themselves on the web to get in touch with other classes maybe as part of a specific project.

In this module, you will work with the construction of web pages for the Internet. The module also gives examples of how the creation of web pages by teachers and students can be used in a pedagogical context.

  • The students can, for example, produce an Internet newspaper in collaboration with a school somewhere else.
  • They can make a presentation of themselves as preparation for an exchange with a class in a different country.
  • An environmental project becomes more interesting if the students can get information from other places in the country and also make their own observations available to classes in different places working on the same topic.

Finally, websites can be a suitable communication tool between the school and the home. For example, the teacher can publish descriptions of the current work in the classroom on the Internet.